Alien Abductions Conclusion

Looking For Physical Evidence

Researchers of the alien abduction phenomenon have provided humankind with well documented cases of physical evidence that include not only UFO sightings and landings but alien abduction activities as well. The abductors are normally quite careful not to leave a trace of their existence for anyone anywhere to find. However, even their superior advantages over humans fail to guarantee that they will not make occasional mistakes. Sometimes, physical evidence is discovered by abductees and researchers. However, it is conceivable that the beings are intentionally allowing evidence to be left behind for some specific reason. This remains to be determined.

Mysterious medical procedures seem to be predominant in abductions. And, most physical evidence from abductions can be found on the abductee's body in the form of fresh surgery, old scars and/or strange bruises originating without explanation. I have personally seen people who claim to be abductees that still carry a common scar on various parts of their body from medical biopsies performed without their knowledge. In each case, the scars looked the same. The biopsies seem to be performed for the purpose of taking human tissue samples. These could be useful in determining the overall health of a human being for someone studying and monitoring the condition of that human over time.

In January of 2010, a female friend of mine, who I had recently met, showed me small puncture marks on her ankle believed to have been created during an abduction. I looked closely at the puncture marks that were still visible to a certain degree. I agreed that these marks looked as though they might have come from an abduction event. As the lady held her ankle to the light, I noticed the faint remains of a biopsy scar that she hadn't realized was there. For me, it was unmistakable. I have seen this same type of scar on other abductees and even a fresh one on my own body back in 2001. My friend learned something new that day by sharing her information with an investigator. She believes that she has been abducted and has fragments of memories that support her suspicions. She has also had more than one close view of a UFO over the years.

Sometimes bruises in strange shapes or patterns suddenly show up on an abductee's body. In my case, I have seen anomalies on my body two times that included (1) fresh surgery in the center of my chest not even half healed at the time of discovery, with a corresponding hole in the center-chest area of my shirt and (2) something imbedded in my abdomen just under the skin. Future monitoring of my clothes revealed new holes appearing quite often over the next year-and-a-half. A few of my local colleagues were experiencing the same thing over the same time period. I even noticed similar holes in the clothes of certain other people during that time and, in some cases, found that they had a history of possible abduction experiences or paranormal experiences of various kinds.

Looking At The Timing Of Events

But, convincing evidence does not always have to be obvious----or physical. Sometimes, suspicions of possible paranormal events, such as alien abductions, can be confirmed in other ways. For example, by May of 2003, I had not had any strange personal events to happen to me in several months. A friend of mine in Denver, Colorado had not had any strange personal events to happen to him in several months, either.

One day, without warning, I suddenly found myself in a place approximately 900 feet (about 300 meters) away from where I had been. I had no idea how this could have happened. I immediately suspected that alien beings might have done something with me, but I could not figure what it might be. It was daylight, and I was outdoors and very alert at the time. However, that night at home, as I fell asleep in my bed, I suddenly awakened to Sleep Paralysis, a condition I had not consciously remembered experiencing in years. However, for the first time in my life, I managed to break free, seemingly by sheer will. I looked at the clock and was wide awake. Then, only three minutes later, I was again waking up to Sleep Paralysis but managed to break free a second time and looked at the clock to verify the time. The fact that I could recall nothing paranormal happening to me in a fairly long time and the fact that I had not one but three strange events to happen to me the same day, clearly told me that these were in all likelihood paranormal events----likely alien related. Yet, this is not all that happened that day.

Several days after these events, I contacted my friend in Denver by email as I would normally do each week and told him that I had a recent paranormal experience. I did not give him details and waited for his response. Much to my surprise, he told me that he had a recent experience, too. He told me that he had taken a nap at home on a sofa one afternoon for several hours but suddenly awakened in a panic. His wife rushed into the room and saw him panicking and showing great fear. It took her several moments to calm him down and make him realize he was at home and everything was okay. He had no explanation as to what happened. While they were trying to figure this out, they both noticed that his t-shirt, that had a pocket, was on backwards. They both agreed that he had not gone to sleep with his t-shirt on backwards…

I then asked him to tell me exactly when this event happened. (I had not told him at this time when my events happened.) He emailed me back and told me the date and time. It had occurred only an hour and twenty minutes before I experienced my Sleep Paralysis incident. The dates for him and for me were the same.

What are the odds that these were not paranormally arranged experiences?

Timing is a very good indicator for confirming paranormal events. It suggests synchronicity----someone behind the scenes coordinating events that look like mere coincidences.

Looking For Anomalies

One evening in 2002, I hopped out of a truck, checked my mailbox by the street and then proceeded to my apartment. As I walked through the door, I immediately realized that I no longer had my truck keys. I found this to be quite strange. I was also carrying an armful of other items, but I remembered holding the keys in my right hand in a clenched fist. There was no way the keys could have fallen out of my hands. So I set everything down and went outside and retraced my steps across 30 feet (10 meters) of short grass recently mowed in a well-lit area. The keys were nowhere to be found. At this point, I realized that this was quite an anomalous situation. I knew for a fact that I could not have dropped the keys. Then, the word "anomalous" made me think----"paranormal"…

I asked myself if any other "anomalies" had occurred prior to me losing my keys. I immediately remembered that when I checked my mailbox a few moments earlier, I had opened the door and pulled out two pieces of mail but began hearing a strange clicking or tapping noise coming from directly under the mailbox. The mailbox was one of a cluster of mailboxes on a pole. The noise was coming directly from a point in the air a few inches underneath my mailbox. I paused, focused on the tapping that was occurring about two times a second, then shrugged my shoulders, closed the lid to the mailbox and proceeded to walk to my front door. I could not remember the tapping when it first started, and I could not remember it ending, either.

Two anomalies had occurred at that point. First, the tapping noise for which there was no explanation. Second, the fact that I shrugged my shoulders and simply walked away quite casually. This was not normal behavior for me. I then remembered a third anomaly; about 45 minutes earlier, I was still travelling toward home when I noticed that I suddenly felt incredibly exuberant. This was very noticeable and quite abrupt. I did not understand what had happened, but I liked it. When I arrived home, the strange event at the mailbox occurred. But, what happened to my keys? I could only conclude that I had been abducted----probably at the mailbox and returned to the mailbox without my truck keys. Subsequent trips out to the front yard of my home revealed no keys----which was no surprise. I could not determine any missing time.

I later found out from a local psychiatrist that one of his patients, who claimed to be an abductee, had, two months earlier, experienced a similar missing keys event between his front door and his automobile in his driveway. The psychiatrist was stunned when I described to him a similar event happening to me.

Whenever an individual believes he or she might have been abducted by alien beings, it is important to record the information (time, date, location, details). And, it is important to see if the timing of the event seems suspicious. Also, it is important to remember if any other strange events had taken place prior to the suspected event or after. Always think about anomalies. And, it is good to write down as much information as possible and tell others (that can be trusted) of the events and any suspicions you prefer to share. Over time, answers might be forthcoming.

What Can One Do About Abductions?

Basically nothing, so far, has been found to stop alien abductions. While some people remember nothing of their experiences, some people do remember experiences that do not seem to be harmful in any way. Still, some people suffer from what appears to be trauma. Some people develop symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, one can get various amounts of relief from researchers and support groups, if needed. The Internet is a useful tool for finding researchers who offer good information and support groups near an abductee's hometown. I cannot personally recommend any specific groups, but an Internet search for "Alien Abduction Support Groups" will yield many options. It is wise, also, to choose reputable researchers----ones who are well known and have published several books on the subject, who remain open-minded and do not show an emotional opinion of what the abduction phenomenon is all about. In addition to the Internet, a public library is a good place to go to learn about the various researchers of UFOs and alien abductions. Sometimes, support groups are mentioned in the back of books dealing with the alien abduction experience.

For additional information on alien abductions, I recommend starting with authors such as Budd Hopkins, Whitley Strieber, John Mack, David Jacobs and Raymond Fowler. There are many more additional authors who have collected interesting research on the subject but are too numerous to mention here. Their books are generally available in libraries and bookstores as well as on the Internet.

All readers of the Caviness Report are invited to send emails or postal mail with questions or comments regarding the subject of alien abductions. My mailing address and email address are located inside the website in the Contact section. I would be especially interested in knowing of personal histories involving one or more events in a person's life.

I would like to emphasize that it would be of great value to hear from many of our friends outside the United States, too. It would be interesting to see if abductions in other parts of the world are different than in North America.

I highly recommend the following list containing some of my favorite books on the subjects of UFOs and alien abductions: